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Halloween crafty again

October 30, 2011

(crossposted to G+)

I really dislike cute holiday sweaters. Especially Halloween ones. The solution? Seize the means of production! Or, just make my own.

My shirt features 6 Halloween classics:

2 zombies tearing someone apart,
A werewolf eating some blonde girl (she couldn’t run away because she was wearing high heels),
A giant worm-creature,
A Halloween tree with flayed faces hanging in it,
Igor/Fritz with a jar full of eyeballs,
and a witch magically causing a man to go all ‘splody.

All were done in felt applique, with added embroidery, googly eyes, and sequins. No cuteness was sought or permitted.

This is my last crafty-project before returning to my in-progress Mantis PCB mill and Mendel RepRap. Partly because my sewing machine kinda blew up.

yarn guts!sllime!-pop-

sllime!-pop-Nom nom


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