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Mantis parts

November 6, 2011

I have way too many of many of the parts I bought for the Mantis mill I am building. The economies of scale means that it’s often cheaper to buy a box of something from McMaster than to buy 1/2 doz of it from Home Despot.

So hopefully if FabLabsCarolinas is going to be making more of them we can burn these extras:

Nylon spacers, used for the spindle. I needed (1), I had to buy 100. This is the most ridiculous one.

#8 flat washer: I needed (7), bought 100.

8-32 tee nuts: I needed (7), bought 100.

8-32 socket head cap screws: needed (7), bought 100.

#6 particle board screws: needed 15, bought 100.

I also have 2 extra spindle motors (they were cheap) and some extra inches of delrin rod for leadscrews.  I estimate the rod might make 3 or 4 more mills.

I also have a box of 4-40 pan head screws, which were totally useless. They were supposed to be for attaching the stepper motors, but didn’t fit. My motors needed M3x16 metric screws, which I have a lot of.

Note: I did have to rout out little spaces on the sides of the X and Y carriages so that they didn’t smack into the head of the metric screws. Using pan heads and countersinking would also take care of it.

Second note: I don’t know why 1/2″ conduit brackets are recommended for helping to hold the leadscrew nuts in place- the nuts are 1/2″ OD and the brackets are much larger (1/2″ EMT conduit must refer to the ID, not the OD.) I will look for (or make)  real 1/2″ brackets and install them later.

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