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A bit of progress

November 13, 2011

I put together a mounting plate for my GRBLshield and the Uno, and mounted a barrel connector jack for power. I’m not quite sure where to mount the whole thing; there’s not as much real estate on the Mantis as on a Cupcake. On the rear, I guess- the Y stepper sticks out enough to provide a bit of a space buffer.

I also checked my leadscrew settings and according to my measurements of how much the axes are jogging, my settings are correct, and each axis moves in the correct direction.

Finally, I got the end of the spindle shaft drilled out to accept the length of the bits I’ll use.  To get that done I designed and printed out a set of V-blocks for the drill press vise, which worked really well.

I need to scrounge up a switch for spindle power, although I’ll use the good bench PS at Splatspace for the initial spindle install since that will allow me to monitor the current more easily. There is a bit of hand-tweaking to get it mounted correctly and minimize friction.

Absolutely no action yet on working out the toolchain for getting my G-code.  I’m going to have to read up on the standards used- I’m used to reading ReplicatorG G-code and what I know about Gcode in general could be written on my thumb.

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