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Slow night

November 15, 2011

I installed the spindle switch on the GRBL shield- there was a little free room up near the “MIT” so I dremeled out a spot for it and used quick epoxy to attach it. I also attached a jack for the power supply.

The entire spindle is assembled in place, but I need to use the power supply at the Splat to tweak its placement for lowest friction (shown by current.)

I had a bit of a head-scratchy when I realized that the updated BOM I used called for a 3″ precision shaft on the spindle, but the original is only 1.75″. I don’t know where that 3″ came from- there simply isn’t room for it on the Z axis, but the part number checked out. I dunno, so I cut it off to the original 1.75″. Now it fits.

I also installed and tried MIT’s to generate Gcode. I’ve used it for other things at the Mobile Fab Lab, but the Gcode it’s creating has some extraneous codes in it, like spindle speed (which is not controllable for the Mantis, at least not yet.) I could always comment those out if they are a problem. I didn’t try streaming it; the board is not installed due to the other work I did.

I probably won’t get to finalize the spindle install tonight, since I have to volunteer at the Mobile, which is parked at a local school.

I would also like to install endstops, but I’m not sure how to wire them in. I have to look at the stepper drivers and see if there’s an obvious solution. Other people are using RAMPS and similar boards to run the Mantis, so of course they’re already set up for  endstops.

The other thing I’d like to get done tonight at the Splat mtg is to get our Pirate Box working, but that depends on how long I’m at the Mobile.

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