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Mantis notes

November 28, 2011

More lessons learned that I forgot to post-

1. I am now using a laptop brick I found at Splat that puts out 12v at 4A. That is sufficient to handle the spindle and all 3 axes, no problem.

2. The spindle motor shaft has a plastic sleeve on it to bring it up to 1/4″. That sleeve wants to move around a bit. A bit of Goop took care of it, but not enough to keep it from wanting to creep axially. Specifically, what was happening was that it would want to move upwards, taking the vinyl tubing that connects it to the 1/4″ spindle shaft with it. Then the tubing would slip off of the shaft and I’d lose spindle power.

3. The solution was to use a longer piece of the tubing that allows no room for it to slip. I still think the tubing is a good idea- takes care of any minor misalignment of the motor vs. the spindle shaft and allows for tweaking of it. The torque is so tiny that there’s no need for anything tougher.

4. For the little board that I did (and for others I foresee doing) I didn’t have to level the bed at all. Larger boards may require leveling the bed by milling it flat. I’ll just have to see. (The “real” way to determine that would be with a dial indicator attached to the Z axis to measure the flatness as I ran the X and Y axes from end to end.)

5. I put the electronics on the rear, above the Y motor. They are subject to getting wacked back there, and the Y motor doesn’t protect them as much as I thought it might. So, I need a little shield back there.

6. FR1/FR2 is not so easy to find these days. MIT apparently buys theirs in bulk- we (Splatspace and FabLabs Carolinas) need to find a decent source for ourselves.

7. I need some Eagle-fu. I think I will take some old Mims circuits and use them for learning to design in Eagle and  export for milling. Some of them will be through-hole, which will involve some drilling as well.


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