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Mantis improvement and my bad PirateBox self

November 29, 2011


Tonight I ran the same fabio 1.1 board, only generating the Gcode with David Carr’s, which was definitely more efficient, just as advertised. It was visibly spending more work time in each area of the board, radically reducing the amount of unnecessary travel time. It reduced the total time required by about 50%.

The board was identical except that the “i” in “Fabio” was missing. I do not know if this is a glitch in the Gcode, a minor milling error in the bot itself, or the chip on the corner of the end mill getting worse and causing shenanigans. All of the actual traces look fine. I’ll re-trace the .png and see what the paths look like.

Also: I reduced the Z depth from 0.01″ to 0.005″, with no dropouts or un-milled areas. Awesome!

I continue to be impressed with the accuracy of this device, and also with the fact that it hasn’t actually blown up yet. After building 2 Makerbots I am so used to the Shakedown Period Of Pain in which every single assembly breaks in turn that I am continually apprehensive. But so far…


Pirate Box:

a group of 3 of us at the Splat have been working on building David Drake’s PirateBox, an anonymous, non-internet connected wireless file sharing and chat space.

We’ve been slow, mostly getting together once a week at the open meetings. Yesterday I discovered that the model of Pogoplug I bought (used) to serve as the file server does NOT work with the new PirateBox software. Dammit.

I am annoyed because I did not do my due diligence of reading all of the documentation and forums before acquiring parts. Best practices, y’all. OTOH, this fact was concealed in a thread on the forum and not documented elsewhere. Oh well.

We will prevail and fully document what we do for the benefit of others. A Seagate Dockstar is on its way to us and in the meantime, we can make a slightly less-featured PB with the Pogoplug.

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