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December 7, 2011

Mantis– the next thing to try is a bit of graphic etching, probably on acrylic with a conical Dremel bit.  Still haven’t scored any new FR1/FR2- I should get that this weekend so I can start cutting some other boards. No progress on designing new boards in Eagle because of Real Life and Related Concerns.

Fabio 1.1– I got 2 boards cut and my Mouser order arrived with all necessary components for 5 of them. It works out to about $7 per board. The only definite thing I would like to try after I play with them for a while is to build a version of the Garduino garden controller, concentrating on irrigation only.

Cupcakes– My 2nd Makerbot cupcake developed Z-axis problems. Arrgh- the pain returns.  I have parts on order and once my “good” bot returns from its stint at the Mobile FabLab, I’ll continue printing the plastic parts for an upgrade: a Lowrider XY axis, and a Z-rider Z axis (both excellent designs from Thingiverse.) I also need a better extruder but I am still researching the options there.

The Mantis is going to the TriLug meeting at Splatspace tomorrow night for the Open Source extravaganza, and both of my printers and the Mantis will be working at Splatspace’s Holiday Ornament Make-A-Thon on December 17.

After all this quiets down I will resume work on my Mendel, which I stopped when I started concentrating on the Mantis.

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