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Mantis PCB fail and annoyances

January 5, 2012
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On Saturday I attempted to mill out a parallel-port connector board for a different set of Mantis electronics:

I used because it made the FabI/O boards so much faster. Alas, the final product looked awful, which is too bad since it’s actually a very “coarse” board- few traces, and they’re all pretty wide.

On Tuesday I did enough of another one with to determine that it was fine;  I had to stop because of time but it got all the traces outlined and they were clean and precise.  So,  I’ve got to finish one with and then try another with to see if it really is a problem with the Gcode or if it was just a fluke.

In related news, is making me NUTS when I try to use it for drilling. It’s something about how Python is using floating-point numbers, I think. It’s my own fault for using (and clinging to) an obsolete program, I guess.

D. at Splatspace says that Fritzing is a good pcb design alternative to Eagle, so I need to look at that and hopefully we can work out something to get our own boards to gcode without using

But some of these online designs are still only available as .pngs, plus I have other graphics applications for the mill, so I still need to work out an alternative for those.

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