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Stepper extruder for Baby Blue

January 5, 2012

I printed out Ruttmeister’s stepper motor adapter that I referenced in the last post.  It seems to work great so far- I used Big Red’s extruder stepper board to control it just to check the movement, and it seems smooth.

Last night I disassembled Baby Blue’s hot end as well and tightened the various components. I added teflon tape to the stainless steel tube’s threads because I think that’s where the minor PLA leak was coming from. It’s all back together now except for insulation (all of the insulation was destroyed in disassembling it because that minor leak had soaked it all with melted PLA.)

Work remaining: make the jumpers for the 4th stepper board, wire it up, and start messing with the firmware to get it to actually run.

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