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Bot Pimping again

January 24, 2012

I printed out and installed TwoTimes’s Lowrider upgrade for Big Red. Files are here:

It uses the original belts and rods, but replaces the rest of the X and Y stages with printed parts, plus small bearings in place of the nylon linear bushings.

Result: lower motor power needed, smoother operation, markedly less bot noise, and the platform sits about 1 cm lower. Also the Y rails are farther apart for more stability.

I don’t have endstops so that wasn’t an issue, but I do need to drill a hole at the right front and rear corners so that I can use small cable ties to secure the heated platform wiring and the Y motor cable.

In related news, I have officially put my other Cupcake “Baby Blue” into Splatspace. I am training folks to use it and it will be the Space’s printer for the forseeable.

I have two members interested in building Mantis mills so I should be starting to post build videos soon.

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