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Long time no post! cupcake extruder woes

February 20, 2012

Looks like I haven’t been posting for a while, mostly due to fussing with my 2nd makerbot and getting it to work as Splatspace’s official printer.

It appeared to be working fine with Ruttmeister’s stepper extruder mod, about which I had posted before. Then it suddenly developed problems. I thought at first that the extruder was stalling due to lack of torque, but I eventually realized that it wasn’t stalling, it was actually turning off. In fact, the green power LED on the stepper board was intermittently turning off, which meant that it was not getting power at all. I traced it to a bad molex power cable splitter, which I now need to re-solder.

After that there is some more tweaking to do to the Reversal settings. Updates and hopefully pics later. Also, I have made some progress with the Fabio 1.1 boards that I was milling out a while back. More on that tomorrow.

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